One of the cool perks of being a grad student is being part of various research projects. One of my new projects is Learning Spaces. Specifically, the learning studios within the gorgeous Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. For the uninitiated, this 40,000-square-foot facility officially opened its doors only a few weeks ago and is crammed with technology and spaces intended to break all the rules of ‘traditional’ education. It was made possible by the extremely generous donation of $40 million by the Taylor Family Foundation.

I have the fortunate job of researching how instructors use the learning studios, which includes looking at spatial configurations. The project is still emerging, but one of the neat tools I came across the other day is called Bubbli. Its a mobile application that captures a 360 degree spherical photo. I’m still working on the technique to take sharper and clearer images, but here’s a test bubble I made of the atrium:

All I did was attach my iPhone to a tripod (you can see the feet in the photo) and panned vertically while slowly turning in a circle.

What do you think? How do you capture spaces?