I’m a graduate student of the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary, specializing in Learning Sciences research. Born and raised in Fort McMurray, I moved here to pursue university studies and after some ups and downs, I’ve decided I like school! Through my challenges and triumphs, I developed a passion for understanding and improving education.

As I progress through my graduate studies, I plan to share my experiences of this journey. Being a graduate student can be hard, but it can also be a lot of fun. The formal avenues of scholarship (e.g., articles, conferences) can be stuffy, so I aim to share the lighter side of being a researcher. I have three main goals for this blog:

  1. To refine my skills as an emerging academic (e.g., writing, communicating ideas)
  2. Showcase my work–selfish, I know
  3. Talk to other graduate students and researchers to exchange insights, sorrows, triumphs, and ideas about scholarship

Why “The Ivory Workshop: Where the messy bits of scholarship live?”

Because, the bulk of being a researcher is messy, awkward, imperfect, and full of mistakes–incidentally, this also describes being a teenager. This blog celebrates the organized chaos of research, so some posts will be imperfect, incomplete, or plain wrong. Fortunately, wading through the mess is where all the learning happens, so don’t bother taking your shoes off at the door, do use first names, do invite your friends, and do bring your favourite beverage. Together we can make something great!


My interests are broad and ever-changing, but here’s a few things that strike my fancy (in no particular order):


  • Higher education
  • Students with special needs/disabilities
  • Universal design for learning (UDL)
  • Scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL)
  • Technology/Assistive technology
  • Student perspectives
  • Science education


  • Biking
  • Travelling
  • Skiing
  • Hiking
  • Yoga
  • Cooking
  • Video games

Thanks for stopping by!